The certified quality

The quality of S.E.L.C. srl products is ensured by periodic reviews carried out with the granulometer equipped by the Company and by chemical analyzes conducted by specialized laboratories.

Since 2008, two of our products – the super-ventilated SV100 and GRANULAR – have obtained the CE2+ certification, issued according to the following regulations:

EN 13043 Aggregates for asphalt and surface treatments for roads, airfields and other trafficked areas
EN 12620 Aggregates for concrete
EN 13139 Aggregates for mortar.

The materials intended for livestock (super-ventilated, 000 type and GRANULAR) follow the strict HACCP instructions which require chemical analysis every 4 months and half-yearly microbiological analysis.

From April 2016, besides, S.E.L.C. srl has adopted a system of certification conforming to the GMP+ B2 standards for the products destined to the animal feeding.