S.E.L.C Srl

The company was founded in 1962 in the historical site in Valpantena, Castelli street nr. 7 in Lugo di Grezzana (Verona), which still is the productive unit of the company.
From the owned underground and open pit quarries, located in Grezzana and Negrar areas, in the province of Verona, S.E.L.C. srl extracts calcium carbonate characterized by high whiteness: an irreplaceable raw material in many industrial applications.

The annual production of about 100,000 tons has been recently increased thanks to new permits that guarantee a constant supply of material in the future. With these premises S.E.L.C. srl is actually the largest manufacturer in Veneto of WHITE VERONA and a real milestone of the mining sector in Valpantena.

The extracted material is transported to a primary crusher for the initial fragmentation and subsequently, through a network of iron pipes, conveyed to the bottom of the valley, where he production site is located.
Here a conveyor belt moves the material to a first mill that turns it into a homogeneous size grit of less than 8 mm. After being stored in silos, the product goes feeding various mills that, with further milling, provide a “dust” of carbonate, in part further processed by mills separators in order to obtain finer particle sizes (30 – 40 microns).
Finally the various products, divided by color and grain size are stored in silos. They will be successively marketed in bulk, loaded onto tankers trucks or packed in paper bags and big bags.

100.000 tons

Annual production


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