Boarol Quarry

S.E.L.C. srl is the owner of an underground quarry situated in the Lessinia mountain area in the town of Grezzana (province of Verona).
The “Boarol Quarry“, which is located between 450 and 540 meters above sea level, covers an area of over 100,000 square meters and it has been productive since the 50s.

From a lithostratigraphic point of view the deposit presents a succession of limestone rock formations: “Biancone”, “Red Ammonite” and “Oolitic Group of San Vigilio”.
The calcareous bank has a thickness ranging between 8 and 11 meters and consists of a white-ivory (locally gray or pink) limestone which carries a high content of organogenic calcium carbonate (CaCO3), mainly originated from the dissolution of fossil shells.

100.000 sqm

Quarry extension

11 m

Calcareous bank thickness